This is a very nice Bushmaster Cyclone Bong that was purchased from EveryOneDoesIt. This Bushmaster Cyclone Bong has 3.5mm thick glass, and comes with a 14.5mm joint. It weighs in at around 700 grams and is 40 centimeters or about 16 inches tall.

picture of Bushmaster Cyclone Bong

  The Bushmaster Cyclone Bong really stands out from most other typical bongs. The tripod base gives the bong a very unique look while providing better stability when set down. This bong feels so sturdy and planted when placed down that we never felt nervous about it tipping or being knocked over. The thickness of the glass, which is thicker than your average roor, in addition to the quality craftsmanship makes this a truly durable bong.

  This bong isn't called the Cyclone for no reason, tiny air-vents along the side of the bong allow extra oxygen to be added to the smoke, cooling it and making it much smoother. As the smoke swirls and forms a cyclone within the bong, the tar filtration process is activated and the advanced pre-filter Double Chamber removes tobacco residue and any other nasty, unwanted elements. It truly is one of the smoothest hitting bongs we have reviewed to date.

  This bong comes with two different bowl sizes as well as an ashcatcher. There is no need to pull the bowl or ashcatcher when takign a hit as there is a nice sized carb/rush right under the joint notch. The only thing that can make this great buy of a bong better, would be a diffuser/percolator which can be found here.

  This bong is a great buy, true quality at a bargain price, can be purchased for $62.91 from EveryOneDoesIt via this link (buy Bushmaster Cyclone Bong).

Overall Rating : 9 / 10
Price Rating : 10 / 10
Quality Rating : 9 / 10
Performance Rating : 9 / 10
Summary : This bong is an amazing buy. The amazing cyclone filtration system, paired with an ash catcher makes for a truly pleasant smoking experience. This beautifully crafted bong is a must have for anyone looking for quality at an unbeatable price.