The Blingpin RooR Custom Dealers Cup 5.0 available from EveryOneDoesIt is a three piece white Label Roor that has 5mm thick glass, and an 18.8mm joint size. It weighs in at around 1300 grams and is 55 centimeters or about 22 inches tall. The bong features the white Roor label and has 24 karat gold coated ice notches and the artists signature just above it.

Roor Dealers Cup 5.0 picture

The Blingpin's shaft fits around 8 ice cubes and makes the smoke much cooler and easier on the throat. The dealers cup bottom allows more filtration and more smoke to be pulled into the main chamber. This bong pulls amazingly and requires little effort to milk. Just below the ice notches the tube diameter decreases for a small section to act as a grip, this works really well. To really set this bong apart from a typical bong we recommend a Roor Diffuser / Percolator.

Although there is a hefty price tag with this bong, Roor bongs really are the cream of the crop, and are truely pieces of art. This bong is really durable, the 5mm thick glass makes it very break resistant.

This bong is a must for any piece collector can be purchased for $527.25 from EveryOneDoesIt via this link (buy The Blingpin Roor Custom Dealers Cup 5.0). EveryOneDoesIt throws in a FREE herb grinder.

Overall Rating : 9 / 10
Price Rating : 7 / 10
Quality Rating : 10 / 10
Performance Rating : 10 / 10
Summary : Great roor, ice catcher and a nice long neck makes for a smooth smoking experience. The gold lazed ice pegs are truly amazing.